Expert Contributor Eligibility Requirements

Bloggers who wish to submit under the title “Expert Contributor” must show they have expertise and credibility in their field by supplying the following background information:  Writing samples, previous or current blogs, education, social media contacts.

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Writer’s Guidelines:  Expert Contributor

Blog post submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Posts must have a clear connection to the programs and mission of our non-profit educational organization.

  2. Acceptable topics are economics, finance, nutrition, health and fitness, environmental issues, politics, human rights, psychology, sociology, life skills, communication, literacy, life skills, relationships, bullying and education.

  3. Posts must pose one or more problems, and a call to action that urges the reader to be proactive and help solve the problem(s) — hopefully for themselves and others!

  4. Posts must limit their use of field related jargon in order to be easily understood by readers. If jargon is necessary, it should be clearly explained.

  5. Posts must be between 125 and 600 words.

  6. If posts are more than 600 words they can be serialized.

  7. Posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. (duh!)

  8. Posts must be the original content of the blogger. Articles may be re-purposed for our blog only by the original author.

  9. Outside sources must be referenced.

  10. In order to be considered for publication, posts must be submitted through here and approved by “16 Things Kids Can Do.Org.

Post submission is not a guarantee of publication.