Meet Our Bloggers

LyleLyle Benjamin has worked his entire life at developing the skills and programs necessary to create and build “16 Things Kids Can Do.Org.”

Benjamin began his career as an Entrepreneur as an undergraduate at when he founded and published The University of Florida’s unofficial literary magazine as an undergraduate English major. He attended law school with the dream of helping others, just as some people helped him when he was growing up under difficult circumstances.

While attending law school, Benjamin was offered a job with the NY Attorney General’s Office after completing his internship, but instead choose to leave school early as he felt the profession wasn’t suitable for his goals.

Later Benjamin utilized his skills to create a best-selling relationship board game in partnership with a California game company.

He then moved to New York City and successfully created, pitched and produced, “Relationships Today,” the first national newsstand magazine exclusively devoted to helping people deal with the complexities inherent in all types of relationships: Intimate, family, friendship and work.

Benjamin’s next endeavor was the creation of Locations, Etc. Inc., a Meeting and Events company that helped coordinate and manage over 50 different types of Corporate and Social events.  He also published “The Locations, Etc. Directory” — a Special Events reference book sold in bookstores including Barnes & Noble.

Recently Benjamin changed the focus of his company from helping Companies and Individuals with their event needs to the Business Development of Start-ups that are designed to benefit Society on a larger scale.

Principal among these companies is the educational not-for-profit “16 Things Kids Can Do, Inc.” whose mission is to provide an on-going network of books, programs, events, activities and people that will educate and empower kids, people and the planet to be proactive on a host of fundamental issues … subjects like health, nutrition, fitness, education, business, volunteering, the environment and life skills.

Benjamin feels that when enough kids and people are empowered, they can help change the world. He invites you to join the Mission and our Crusade..

RaissaMy name is Raissa Mboma. I am a junior at Illinois State University, majoring in Finance and Insurance. I’m originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.

Interning at 16 things kids can do is a great opportunity for me to gather the skills and work experience  to not only to start my career after I graduate, but to create one day my own non-profit organization that takes care of Albino Children in Africa.

16 things kids can do fits into my vision because it’s all about helping others. It is what motivates me on a daily basis.  I am very active around campus. I am the community service coordinator for our Christian United for Israel club. I am also running the election to become the president of the African Student Association. Being Miss Africa ISU is just a portion of what I have done at ISU. Next semester I will be a member of Gamma Iota Sigma, which is a professional insurance related sorority.

JeseniaJesenia Fuentes is a graduate from Borough Of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). She majored in Multimedia Programming. She will be attending New York City College Of Technology (City Tech) in the fall. She is one of five children. Jesenia was born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City. She is also a Pharmacy Technician for Duane Reade.

Jesenia has been known as the “gamer” from friends and family throughout her entire life. When Jesenia was 12, she was a mentor at Henry Street Settlement after school program. By the time she was 14, her love for technology grew. She already had the hands on experience to build and dismantle computers. As a child, she always wanted to combine art and technology in hopes that one day, she will be able to create an animated series or video game.

16 Things gave her the experience on what to expect for her occupation as a web designer. It also helped her learn more about herself as a person. 16 Things helped build up her confidence, social skills and management. She is thankful 16 Things gave her the opportunity of a lifetime and will share her experience with others.

MosaA native born of central mountains of Afghanistan and a graduate of the American University of Afghanistan, Mr. Mosa Rahimi has the diverse and extensive experience in law enforcement, counter narcotics and terrorism. He helped to create, establish and implement sustainable operational systems. Mr. Rahimi organized and taught in many training programs and workshops, thus making him to be an excellent trainer.

Mr. Rahimi has successfully changed his career into a hybrid of financial education and business system after his immigration to the United States of America. As the second child of a big farming family that consisted of 7 siblings, Mr. Rahimi’s has broke the taboo in his society by acquiring a career other than farming. Mr. Rahimi’s dream life is to be an educator, where he can have intangible but life changing impacts on the life of people
from all walks of life.

IlgaMy name is Ilga Racika-Racko. I am 21 years old from Latvia, Riga. I moved to the U.S. when I was 17 to fulfill my dream as a tennis player for University of Central Oklahoma. A year later, I transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University where I received a full scholarship. I have been at this university for 2 years now and I am very excited to finish my degree next year. My major is Business Management. Why choose Business Management? Well, my whole family has always been in business world, and guess what? I love it!

My mother and my father both own two small businesses. One is a jewelry store and the other is a candy store. I get as much free sweets as I want (that’s the best part). My sister and my mother are both accountants. I took an accounting class, let’s just say I had a struggle with that one. Since I was a child, my mother has always been my role model. She is a strong and smart woman.

When I got into the university, I had no hesitation towards what I should major in. I knew it right away – business management. This year I decided to join 16 Things as an intern to be more successful. In school, they teach us the materials we need, however when you’re out there in a real world it, is a different story. That is what I want to gain from this amazing opportunity that Lyle Benjamin gave me. I want to accumulate the experience I need as a manager, leader and a future boss.

JonathanMy name is Jonathan Sabino. I am 22 years old from Brooklyn, New York. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I will be graduating from Bowling Green State University in December of 2015 I will be getting my degree in telecommunication with a focus in television and media.