Act and Grow

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” I’ve heard that quote on countless occasions, countless rallies and relays, countless classes that try to drive you in the direction of becoming someone you can be proud of in a world that is a constant sea of change. It is then when you have your eyes set on a goal and try and reach for it, but it’s okay if your dreams and goal shift or if you feel lost. I’ve had this in the back of mind, but it bothers me when I have invested so much time into something that I think would make me feel fulfilled. You just have to continue to find yourself, your voice, and your purpose. I have a good idea of what I want to be, but then again, things change. Just flow with it to act and grow.

Rachel is a 23 year old recent graduate of the publishing studies major at Illinois State University. She has a deep connection to literature and the arts and loves volunteering her time to great causes and reaching out to her community. In 2010 she was accepted into a 2-week writing program at Juilliard School which helped her fall in love with the city of New York and pursue the publishing degree she currently has. She has been published in 7th grade at StarWallPaper, a poetry journal for young poets, Lit Fest Press/Festival Writer,, and writes published book reviews for Teen Ink Magazine located in Boston. Outside of writing, you can find her strumming her guitar, singing, acting in plays, dancing on dance companies, and reading profusely.

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