“Act & Grow Rich” Workbook #6

The Most Fun You’ll Have With A Calculator. Maybe.

Build It And They Will Come.


1) Opening Statement Of The Year:

2) Affirmations:

3) Top 3-5 Reasons Why You Want To Be Successful:
Note: Hit the WHY’S (Top 3-5 reasons) then you’ll hit the goals & dreams.

4) Dreams within this year
(Pick top 2 or 3 max)
Be Very Very Very Very Specific

A. Personal: Make it VERY PERSONAL (Top 2-3 max)

B. Physical: (Top 2-3 max)

C. Financial: (Top 2-3 max)

6) Strategy: (Must support the goals & dreams, create a short, strong opening statement)

A. Intangible:

B. Tangible:

C. Absolute focus: (Pick top 1-2 max).

7) Sacrifice & Penalty vs. Rewards(2-3 Things you’ll do immediately)
Note: The sacrifices must be bigger than the dreams & rewards!