Our mission

16 Things is a nonprofit educational organization that works for the betterment of kids, people and the planet through a series of books, workshops, programs and activities designed to help people lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.

How to become a blogger?

In order to become a blogger for our website, you must create an account on our blog site (link here).  Once you create an account, your next step is to provide us with a biography of yourself along with a head shot image to put into our wordpress site.  You can submit these on our form at “insert link here”.

Once approved from our administrators, your account will be upgraded to the appropriate role so that you can start adding in content.

Anyone can become a blogger.  We are always willing to hear your thoughts and ideas.  We are trying to find a way to make our world a better place.  Always remind yourself that each post must be relevant towards any of our programs at 16 things.

If you are interested in becoming one of our bloggers, please check our website for more information.

Writers guidelines for informal blog

  1. Posts must have a clear connection to our non-profit educational organization.

  2. Acceptable topics are: economics, finance, nutrition, health and fitness, environmental issues, politics, human rights, psychology, sociology, literacy and education.

  3. Posts must pose one problem and a call to action that urges the reader to help solve the problem.

  4. Posts should be written in conversational style.

  5. Posts must be between 100 and 600 words.

  6. If posts are more than 600 words, they can be separated into two posts.

  7. Posts should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, unless such errors are consciously used to enhance the conversational style.

  8. Posts must be the original content of the blogger. While articles may be re-purposed for our blog, they can only be re-purposed by the author.

  9. If the blogger chooses to use outside sources, the sources should be cited.

  10. All posts must be submitted through here and must be approved by the blog administrator.

Post submission is not a guarantee of publication.