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Leadership, in my opinion, is something that is not granted or earned or have thrust upon you. I will agree that it is a skill that must be learned, but it is important to know what leadership actually is. When I was younger, I assumed, of course, that leadership meant being a dictator like figure that got to call the shots and that every person under my wing had to cling onto my every word. It was tough on me when people wouldn’t take me seriously and I began developing control issues. But what kid doesn’t want to be taken seriously or be able to be the number one person at the beginning of a Follow the Leader line?

Speaking of Follow the Leader, the show Brain Games actually goes more in depth using the example of the common kid’s game Simon Says. It’s fun. Try it. 🙂

Going on with my example, Follow the Leader, a classic children’s game in which the first person in a conga-like line initiates moves whilst walking, is an interesting game. I never looked at it to be a learning experience, merely a game where kids got to be silly and play with their friends. Now when I think about that game, it brings teetering thoughts into my currently developed mind. You see, leadership isn’t simply barking orders or persuading people below you to dance on puppet strings. It’s a partnership with the fellow people you are working with, playing with, and teaching.

Not everyone is a leader, in fact, some choose to be followers, but everyone has the potential. I have been told by some close friends, who probably found out from some quote on that one TV show they watch that you should never put a person on a pedestal. (For the sake of an interesting fact, it was geared more toward relationships not leadership, but it’s true on every level *haha level*.) Every person is on the same level as you because each person brings something new to the round table of informative fun. That’s what a true leader should nourish. You can educate others about what you know and vice-versa. It’s how we grow as a community with ever-changing ideas and new innovations.

Leader Qualities:

1. Leaders help develop the skills in the followers.
2. Have determination, self-assurance, and knowledge.
3. Dependable
4. Approachable
5. Respectful
6. Great communication and understanding of to and towards followers
7. Motivational
8. Confident


These are only a mere few of the many important things. Most importantly, each member, whether leader or follower, must have a shared goal. The leader works to make sure each follower is doing their personal goals that works toward the major goal. Although you don’t want to be a dictator type, you want to stand firm because the followers won’t take you or your cause seriously. You have to be able to support and provide the necessary guidance in order to be successful.

In case you’re wondering what makes me such an “expert” on such topics as leadership, I’m a member of the honor society Sigma Alpha Pi–The Society of Leadership and Success and I have leadership certifications. So stay awesome, stay goal-oriented, and be motivational!

Rachel is a 23 year old recent graduate of the publishing studies major at Illinois State University. She has a deep connection to literature and the arts and loves volunteering her time to great causes and reaching out to her community. In 2010 she was accepted into a 2-week writing program at Juilliard School which helped her fall in love with the city of New York and pursue the publishing degree she currently has. She has been published in 7th grade at StarWallPaper, a poetry journal for young poets, Lit Fest Press/Festival Writer,, and writes published book reviews for Teen Ink Magazine located in Boston. Outside of writing, you can find her strumming her guitar, singing, acting in plays, dancing on dance companies, and reading profusely.

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