Keeping a Notebook

Everyone should strive to keep a notebook. It can help you remember certain task, or it can be a fun place to keep your aspirations. I personally keep a dream journal to document all of my actual dreams that I have when I’m sleeping. It helps me work out personal issues and analyzing them helps one understand themselves.

I’ve learned that a good health tip is to keep a journal of things that you eat. You may not realize how much you consume in a day or if you’re getting enough nutrition in your diet. Writing it down helps keep you on track with your personal fitness goals. Taking pictures also helps, too. There are many ways that you can document your life and when you lay it all out, you can gain a new perspective about how much progress you’ve made or where you want to be by a certain time.

Everything takes time, and changes may not be as sudden as you’d like them to be, but knowing that you’re heading in the right direction of definitely a start. So keep it up because you’re worth every bit of effort you deserve. Even if you feel you don’t deserve it, you do. Always put yourself as a priority because if you do what’s best for you first, changing the world will follow.

Rachel is a 23 year old recent graduate of the publishing studies major at Illinois State University. She has a deep connection to literature and the arts and loves volunteering her time to great causes and reaching out to her community. In 2010 she was accepted into a 2-week writing program at Juilliard School which helped her fall in love with the city of New York and pursue the publishing degree she currently has. She has been published in 7th grade at StarWallPaper, a poetry journal for young poets, Lit Fest Press/Festival Writer,, and writes published book reviews for Teen Ink Magazine located in Boston. Outside of writing, you can find her strumming her guitar, singing, acting in plays, dancing on dance companies, and reading profusely.

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