Save. Just Save.

You can save as much as you want, but saving in multiple places is probably the best thing you can do. I’m an English person, and as such, I know that I have to write a bunch of papers or do multiple projects that need saving. One of the most stressful things is going through a computer meltdown and having to tell your professor, boss, or authority figure that you just don’t have the document because of a crash. Outlets such as Google Drive, CDs, email, and (maybe if you’re feeling retro) floppy disks can save you from so much hassle. You don’t have to worry about a computer crash because you saved it somewhere else. It can save you the effort of putting more work into a a piece that you already have.

Things so happen though, and sometimes having to start over is a must. Here’s a helpful tip, before you do the dreaded deed again, double check that your Word program did an emergency save. If you sent a draft copy to a professor for looking over, see if you still have that email attachment. Some is better than none, but it could also give you an opportunity to have a fresh outlook on the topic and bring in new ideas without having to go back and make changes. It’s tedious, but it can be a fun process as well. I guess it depends on the topic.

Rachel is a 23 year old recent graduate of the publishing studies major at Illinois State University. She has a deep connection to literature and the arts and loves volunteering her time to great causes and reaching out to her community. In 2010 she was accepted into a 2-week writing program at Juilliard School which helped her fall in love with the city of New York and pursue the publishing degree she currently has. She has been published in 7th grade at StarWallPaper, a poetry journal for young poets, Lit Fest Press/Festival Writer,, and writes published book reviews for Teen Ink Magazine located in Boston. Outside of writing, you can find her strumming her guitar, singing, acting in plays, dancing on dance companies, and reading profusely.

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